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What is an Aromatherapy Consultation?

Aromatherapy consulationWith Aromatic Remedies, all of our consultations are online.
This makes it possible for anyone to schedule regardless of where you are in the world.
It will take about an hour, is confidential, and any information shared is protected by HIPPA.

During the consultation, we will discuss your primary, secondary, tertiary,
and any other concerns you have about your health.

We do this because:

  • You are unique
  • Your body is different than anyone else’s body
  • Your health is your own
  • There is no way we can focus on just one aspect of you
    because your whole body, mind, and spirit are you.

What is the Process?

Check out my calendar and schedule your consultation.  Download and fill out the Intake Forms then e-mail them to at least 24 hours before your appointment.

Once I receive your paperwork, I will send you a unique link for your appointment.  We will then connect and  get to know each other “face-to-face.”

Once we have discussed, and narrowed down, your concerns, we will say good-bye and I will begin working on your custom blend to target your areas of concern.  I will then e-mail an invoice.  After you submit payment, your blend will be in the mail with a detailed instruction sheet and you can begin using it right away.

I will contact you, about a week after you’ve received your blend, to schedule a follow up appointment (that is included in your consultation fee) to discuss how the blend is working and if you are receiving the desired results.

Who do I work with?

The people that reach out to me are those who tend to be at the end of their wellness rope.

  • Many of my clients have tried traditional treatments and found them lacking or that they create more problems than they originally were dealing with.
  • Some of my clients fall into the category of being HOLISTICALLY MINDED and who already choose natural remedies in their daily lives.
  • All of my clients are trying to get to the root cause of whatever malady with which they are confronted.

If you find you fit into one of those categories, let’s chat!  Even if you don’t fit into one of those bullet points, but you want to experience the power of essential oils, let’s chat!

You will want to schedule a time that is convenient for you
so that you can be on your way to wellness as soon as possible.



Your body was created to heal itself.
Any aromatherapy blend that you use should assist your body in that process. 
Each blend is unique and created with your body chemistry in mind.
DO NOT allow others to use your custom blend.

Essential oils are NOT medicine.