Dangers of Using Essential Oils


A member of my Facebook Group, Guam Aromatherapy, posed this question:

What are the ” Dangers of using the oils improperly?”

Oh boy!  Did that get me excited???!!!  How should I answer?  Should I just type it out?  Should I do a Power Point (boring!)?  Should I make an e-book?  What about video?

I opted to do a 4-part series about the dangers of using essential oils improperly.

each video is less than 10 minutes long and covers the topics:

  • Topical Dangers
  • Ingestion Dangers
  • Diffusion Dangers
  • Conservation Dangers

I hope you’ll watch and learn some things.

In this preview picture I look constipated!

This one looks like I’m going to pick my nose!

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Be sure to watch video #4 all the way to the end for the bloopers…gotta be able to laugh at yourself…


Sometimes watching a presentation poses more questions.  Let me know in the comments.