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Our Mission: 

To increase Quality of Life through the
power of Bespoke Essential Oil Blends
and personalized education.

At Aromatic Remedies we seek to steer our clients toward wellness.  

We believe that wellness is:


French Lavender
We believe God created all of the plants on this planet for our benefit,
that He
 created our bodies to heal themselves,
and that 
natural remedies are the best, and least invasive place to start.     

To achieve wellness, it must be:


We believe God created our body’s systems to work when they are in balance;
this is why we consider
the whole client when making aromatherapeutic, diet, exercise,
and other recommendations.    

The best remedies are:



  We believe that caring for the body’s systems is fundamental.
We believe quality of life is imperative.
We believe in the power of essential oils to achieve these goals.